Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Limping Along

After the youth retreat in late August in the motel my skin broke out and thickened all over. It took a few weeks to recover from that. Then, after seeing the derm at the end of September, I broke out again. This time it coincided with taking Keflex for boils that had erupted all around my body (thankfully I took the last dose this morning).

Now it has been about ten days since this break out started. Wondering if Enbrel or Neoral (or both) are starting to lose their effectiveness? I have been on Enbrel for about a year and Neoral for about2.5 years out of the last three. My kidney function has been normal and my bp and cholesterol have come down dramatically. Maybe Humira, after it is approved, may be the next to rotate to.

I feel like I have been limping along with my skin/treatment. Any triggers such as diet, stress (had a lot recently), lack of sleep, etc. seems to set it off. It is a precarious time. But when is living with severe psoriasis predictable anyhow?