Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Weaning Process

Tuesday marked another step in the weaning process. After about nine weeks of 200mg of Neoral combined with the Enbrel 50mg twice a week, I am coming down to 100mg/day. That's one horse pill daily. My cholesterol was steady at 199, Triglycerides inched up at 202, bp 121/71, Creatinine 1.1, and liver function tests good to go.

Although I still have an Appalachian-like rash on my back, the rest of my body has stayed "virtually clear." The derm was pleased with my progress. Southern California sun seems to be helping too.

The tough part is letting go. Neoral was the only therapy that quelled the raging fiery sores all over my body 2.5 years ago. Since then I've only had about six months while trying Soriatane and NUVB. Yikes, was that a horrible experience last year. Now that I'm much more clear, Enbrel seems to be able to handle the load. Psychologically, though, it's difficult to taper off. I know my kidney and other organs will thank me--but I just don't ever want to go back THERE again.