Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Enbrel: Twelve Weeks and Counting

After twelve weeks of Enbrel therapy I am still not clear. Last week I had the worst flare in a long time. Don't know if the flu bug that hit me or my recent holiday diet had anything to do with it. Whatever the reason, my lower back psoriasis burned morning to night and I experienced some new outbreak. Then, out of nowhere, my skin improved to almost the best it's been over the twelve weeks. Again, the mystery of psoriasis and the immune system reigns as I am clueless as to the triggers.

A recent email from Enliven services said that it can take 3-6 months before those with plaque psoriasis will see endpoint results. I had been under the impression that I would see more significant results in three months or less. With new expectations to manage I am less worried and ever the more encouraged to continue the therapy.

As to cholesterol and trigylcerides, I am afraid that I may need to take medication to mitigate the elevations of these with the Neoral. Will continue on with exercise and diet (i.e. lifestyle) changes per doctors' instructions.