Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Cyclosporine Four Weeks

I've been back on Cyclosporine for about four weeks. The last two weeks I have been on the increased dosage of 300mg (or 4.25 mg/kg/day). From week two to three and a half it seemed like I had plateaued. The existing sores even grew thicker and redder. I don't remember that happening last time. The last couple of days have been much better with improvements noticable daily. I found a stash of Neoral and stopped using the Gengraf. I'm convinced that I reacted negatively to something in the Gengraf, but I'm not sure what. The Neoral is much better. I have some being mailed to me by my pharmacy at home too.

The side effects are coming back too. My cholesterol jumped, but my Triglycerides dropped a tad. The uric acid continues to be elevated, around 8.3. Bp is also increasing to about 130/80. Some of this may be stress related? Or diet related? We're moving in about three weeks and many people have begun to have us over for meals or dessert. Lots of BBQ and off the diet red meats, sodas, and sausages. Well, I guess I could have more self-restraint...