Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Derm Visit 12/11/06

Saw my dermatologist on Monday afternoon. My labs were disappointing--Cholesterol 236, Triglycerides 265, Creatinine 0.9, bp 132/82, CBC and AST all normal. It's normal for Chol and Tri to be elevated, but they have been so as long as I have been on the Neoral.

I will continue the Neoral 300mg and Enbrel 50mg twice a week about 8.5 weeks done. The Enbrel website says that some see results within two months. I definitely have seen results but it is up and down. Thankfully the injections are with pre-filled syringes--I used to have to mix four vials of medicine a week (with four injections).

Emotionally I'm not doing as well. I thought with dual therapy (plus topicals) I would see fantastic results more quickly. It is an expectations game with psoriasis and I almost always expect more than I see on my skin. So I'll need to readjust my expectations and see how the next two months go before I see the derm again.